The call center technology involves programs and systems that monitor the delivery of calls as well as routing of calls through a telephone network. Programs that monitor logging of calls made by agents also form part of the call center setup or technological framework. The technology for call center comprises of automatic call distributor, interactive voice response, customer relationship management and computer telephony software.

Infrastructure required

At the time of choosing the right call center software for your business, you need to consider the setup that is required for the center. These centers need to be equipped to handle large volume of calls. Server software and hardware need to be invested in for controlling as well as routing the incoming and outbound calls on the right networks. Agents log into the phone systems that are provided on their desks and extensions become active in an ACD framework. The ACD system is a computer application which is aligned with phone lines for distributing calls to available agents. Agents who are available are monitored through this system and calls are routed in an efficient and logical sequence.

Features to look for in call center software

Call center tracking systems or ACD keep track of the availability of the agents, who are unavailable and who are logged in. agents might be unavailable when they need to log in notes in a database or research on an issue. They might be on a personal call or wish to take a break and hence, need to be on idle mode. These are different situations for which the call center system has different codes assigned. As per the codes inputted the system recognizes the availability or status of agents and assigns calls to available agents in a systematic manner. The number of calls handled by an agent are logged into the system which is a sign of the productivity of the agent.



Integration with hardware

The call center systems and programs need to be integrated with hardware accordingly. The interactive voice response technology is incorporated in these system so that callers who call in can choose the appropriate department or call center. The IVR menu might be annoying for many callers but it is an essential part of call center systems as the right routing of calls starts from these systems. The IVR technology is also used by the agents internally in order to process different requests of the callers.

Computer telephony and CRM

Other aspects of a sound call center software is the integration of a call center’s operations with computer telephony services. These are again linked to CRM software. That allows data to flow seamlessly from calls to databases where customer issues are recorded and tracked. Hence, calls and their responses, customer complaints and resolutions can be tracked in a seamless manner.

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