testThere is a huge audience for technology related apps on the web. If you have an app idea and want to know if it could interest people, then you can carry out a test run of your app on Elevtr IO. This website is a software tool that you can use to share your ideas with the like minded registered users. This is a platform where you get to find power users for your technology related apps. By testing your apps, you will be able to gauge if your app-ideas will work in the market and whether you will have lots of takers for the app. It is the best place for user-acquisition and to reach your technical apps to wider audience easily.

There are many difficulties that technology entrepreneurs face these days. They create one of the best tech apps, but they do not know how to release their creativity on the World Wide Web and how to make it user friendly. This is where Elevtr IO steps in, as it is a medium that will take your tech entrepreneurship to a new level by offering a stage where you will get feedback on your project right from its development stage.

The startup app ideas you have in your mind can be shared with pre-users. Once you create a new app and launch it, the pre-users will get notified about the same. This way the pre-users will be able to communicate with you and provide you feedback about the technical apps. You can make use of their feedback to create a more user friendly app. It is an ideal platform for all new and early stage app developers as they get users feedback on every stage of the app development.

Elevtr IO will help you to not only test the app ideas, but also support the ideas that you like on this website. You have the option of building a personal list of pre-users who have shown interest in your app and get feedback from them during every bit of your app development. This is a very easy way for you to connect with concurring entrepreneurship ideologists and the best way to grow audiences for your apps.

With the help of this website, you get a chance to send launch information to all the pre-users signed up on the website as soon as your project is alive on the site. You can share the ideas on popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook through the site. The website also supports mobile functionality so that you can sign in, post or comment on the contents from anywhere.

This is the best place for all budding tech creators and project designers to showcase and share to other similar tech lovers their knowledge and ideas. Sharing your product right from the development stage will help you to find the proper users and he power market or your product. This way you can mould your app project in such a way that it easily gets its audience through regular feedback from your pre-users. You will only gain by making use of this app-release technique.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com