color-logo1Do you know Spot Trender? For you who don’t ever know, the Spot Trender is an innovative company in research-related industry. It uses what called cloud-based platform of pre-testing technology. Its platform connected to more than 45+ million people all over the world, of course the qualified ones. The Spot Trender is developing such an impressive track-record, serving as the main indicator of trusted commercial pre-testing and analytics. In short, the Spot Trender can be classified as a startup company. What is the meaning of a startup company? For your info, a startup company is a company designed for searching a new business model to be applied by collecting as much as responses from targeted respondents. The received responses will be a main consideration determining which the best business model to be applied.

Now is the time of waiting for presidential election of United States. As usual, there is a strict competition between Democratic and Republican. Now, the US is headed by “Democratic’s President”, Barack Hussein Obama. His reign will be completed at 2017, and 2016 is the year of election. Now, both Democratic and Republican are “cooking” what called their deputy for the presidential election of United States. What we will focus on is the exciting competition between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

The Spot Trender promoting one of the interesting facts about politics, namely a mock political ad compared with actual political ads by Bush and Rubio. What the exciting thing is that Frank Underwood, someone who is being promoted by Sport Trender and written in; get a nickname of “the more presidential” from most of Spot Trender’s participants worldwide. That’s such an irony of how someone who was thought not qualified as a president candidate for United States, can attract a millions of people, affecting them to choose or at least think that Underwood is the one only can beat the popularity owned by two popular Republican politicians.

What we can get from some interesting facts above is that the Spot Trender is a reliable campaign provider company that can change a situation into other situation dramatically. For your info, there were some quotes during the last GOP Debate; one of them was performed by Rick Nguyen, Cofounder at Spot Tender. He said that he was curious how a mock ad successfully beating legal or better called official ads performed by real candidates, in that case are Bush and Rubio. The amazing campaign provider company shows that no matter how official ads are, they still have a possibility of losing when performed in such bad ways.

We can see in what happened at Tuesday Nov 15th’s Republican debate, where a mock ad aimed to entertain Republican participants during the debate, can beat down official ads aimed to get real support from voters. At this point, we might ask for something can be useful for our future. What I mean is can the Spot Trender be useful for our campaign? Could you use their service for measuring real-world customer responses? Could you put your ads as well as give positive changes related to brand awareness? The answer is YES, of course, it was proved well.

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