Screen_Shot_20151224_at_122421_pmWith 85% of Australians owning a Smartphone by mid-2015[1] and an increasing number of consumers complaining of ‘Tech Neck’[2], Innovative Aussie start-up, HeadPal has set out to make our lives a whole lot easier – and pain-free.

The brand new Smartphone accessory allows users to view media without the inconvenience of having to hold or balance their Smartphone device. The accessory is designed to securely hold your Smartphone device in place for you, hands free while keeping it at the right eye level for comfort and visibility.

“Our Headpal product simply is responding to what consumers want. People are using Smartphone’s more than ever before, and this innovative Smartphone accessory is simply just a reflection of that. While there are many other Smartphone mount accessories are on the market, what makes HeadPal unique is its ability to morph into differed modes, with three main features to suit the needs of all users,” Adam said.

“Whether travelling, lying down or moving around doing other things, the HeadPal accessory is easy and fun to use and comes with many features,” he added

The head-mount mode connects the device to over-ear Bluetooth headphones, positioning the media device at eye level. Adjustments can be made to height and distance, ensuring user comfort. The table-mount mode is a sleek mouldable stand that holds the media device and can be positioned on any flat surface. The selfie stick mode enables users to move their media device whilst inserted in the device mount.

This exciting new HeadPal Smartphone accessory is scheduled for release in March 2016 and the company has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the commercialisation of the innovation.

“What we hope to get mostly out of this Kickstarter campaign is the support, comments and feedback that we plan to take full advantage of in order to provide our users with the best possible product.”

Visit the official website at or join the HeadPal community on Facebook for more information.


About HeadPal:

HeadPal was founded in October 2014 by Adam Agresta. Following extensive research and development the first prototype of HeadPal was produced in April 2015.  Adam Agresta visited CES in China to talk to manufactures about HeadPal in May 2015 and a second prototype followed in July 2015. The HeadPal product will be launched via a Kickstarter campaign on 21 December 2015.



Contact:  Adam Agresta

Email:  [email protected]

Telephone: +61484333432




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