Will this new Social Media and Content Utility finally end the madness and confusion created by all those competing social media and content sharing platforms? It sure looks like it.

When you join squuak.com, and it’s free, you choose a name, connect your Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), connect your Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), connect your Linkedin (NYSE:LNKD), connect your GooglePlus (NASDAQ:GOOG), connect your Website or Blog, connect your Pinterest and Youtube and a few other content sharing platforms and then you build a personal feed of all your favorite stuff. Squuak™ calls this a Social Media Nest™. I call it heaven.

Squuak.com™ was recently acquired by MK Automotive (OTC Pink: MKAU) and was developed by 26 year old Brian Wendt who is also the company’s newly appointed President and CEO.

Brian has been called a “social media development expert” and at 26 years of age reminds us that new and groundbreaking internet concepts need young visionaries that have never known a world without internet and maybe even ones young enough not to remember the torturous sounds of a telephone modem connecting and reconnecting and connecting and reconnecting. Do the initials M.Z. mean anything to you?

tilesdisplayFrom what I can see, squuak™ is your entire or nearly entire internet footprint in one place. Think about it, this means that you can share your entire personal and business social media and content footprint using only one username URL. Don’t you just hate having to tell new potential connections your different usernames for all the platforms and sites you use? Talk about an inefficiency accidentally created by the most explosive humanity changing innovation in the history of this planet birthed in part for the purpose of eradicating such inefficiencies. That was a mouthful; but oh so true.

My speculation, because I can see it right on their homepage, is that at some point in the process of registration users will be able to order a squuak™ business card with the squuak™ logo and the last username URL they might ever have to share to connect. That’s brilliant.

Squuak™ is currently in closed beta testing so this is all I can report right now. I registered to receive an invitation once it’s open (keep in mind they were just recently acquired). I suggest you go to http://squuak.com/invite to request an invitation yourself, this is important since the good names will go fast once squuak™ officially opens and on these companies they always do.

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By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com