group-chatWhether you own a business website or a blog, having live chat plug-ins is a good idea to make the customers and visitors to stay more time on your site and get all the ideas and information that might help them to choose your service or product. Chat allows the website owners have direct contact with the visitors and to easily convert them into loyal customers. Creating a chat community will help the visitors to interact with each other in a better way and to exchange vital information. Flyzoo offers good chat plugins for WordPress and buddypress platforms.

Cloud Based Chat System

Flyzoo chat for buddypress and WordPress is cloud based and offers twofold plugin features. It is possible to have customer support chat as well as chat rooms for visitors using this plugin. The visitors will be able to use emoticons and avatars while chatting. It is possible to moderate community chats and also to evaluate how your customer service personals are performing with the help of features provided by this chat plugin service. It is possible to chat simultaneously from different browser windows using the tab sync feature. Since the chat system is cloud based it allows smart routing of chats. You will be able to provide a good chat to your WordPress or buddypress community within no time when you use flies.

The Features

mobile-menuThe features that make this chat for buddypress and WordPress one of the popular chat plugin is

  • Group chats– You will be able to create multiple chat groups in your website using flyzoo. It is easy to share files within the members of the community or users can have private chats using this.
  • Customizable layout- Flyzoo offers great design and customizable layout. The user can decide the colors to be used or can create personalized welcome messages using this product. It can be used comfortably in mobile platforms as well.
  • Chat live support– You can use this for your business live chat needs and transfer support request to your next available customer support staff. Real time monitoring of visitors is added advantage. To understand more features of this application, visit the website at

Free Trial

You will be able to check out this application using the 14 day free trial option on offer.  You can try out the product and only if you are satisfied with the application you can select the different plans offered by flyzoo, according to your need and budget. You will find affordable plans starting from just $1.90 per month.


If you are looking for a tool which will make interacting with customers or visitors easier and converting the visitors into customers, then flyzoo chat plugins are one of the best options. You will be able to follow where the visitors are coming from and what pages they are interested in using this application. This will help you to create the ideal strategies for increasing the sales and income. You will be able to provide a great chat experience to your customers and buyers using this product.

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