zappyappWhat Uber has done for personal transportation, Zappy aims to do for everything else. The new sharing economy app Zappy makes it easy for users to find help for all kinds of tasks like gardening, handyman work and transportation. Just by posting their required job, Zappy users will be able to connect with fellow Zappers (Zappy users) for free.

Uber faced a massive backlash from taxi organizations and governments all over the world for their taxi app. One of the founders of Zappy International, Rene Skaflestad, is not concerned with the expected controversy. – We are prepared for any problems from organizations representing plumbers, moving companies, painters and electricians as well as governments while the expansion of Zappy progresses, says Rene.

The app enables people to make money by becoming Zapper, a person that offers services through the app. Zappers will compete with large companies and challenge financial regulators and possibly face scrutiny with the sharing economy aspect of the new app.

The other founder, Alexander Eloy, says Zappy are being rolled out in countries and regions where the financial and tax regulations are fully compatible. – The Zappy app will be in compliance with any governing body where the app is available, says Alexander.

Zappy will initially be available for users in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Norway and is expected to expand rapidly to other countries around the world.

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