GettyImages-472484548Outdated, or is it just the Old-School way?

Have you ever realized that most of the gadgets that your parents owned like 20-year-old semi automatic washing machine, or your dad’s old Walkman that he used during his college days are still works great. While modern products like iPhones 5s, Laptops, Plasma Tv’s, and other devices are intentionally built to die off or self out date long before they actually stop functioning.

Is this the new careless, uneconomical and wasteful standard of Big Businesses?

It’s all part of the Planned Obsolesce Cycle and on a more serious note, there’s a multi-billion dollar technology industry established behind this the new careless, uneconomical and wasteful standard. Charging consumers hundreds, if not thousands for the latest devices and gizmo; only to say they can’t be fixed or repair and that the latest model is available; only to bring out a new version a few months later, making your current smartphone, well, not so smart anymore.

Can you trash the throwaway mentality?

So you were just informed that you are outdated, oh no, NOT! What are your thoughts? That iPhone 5s or PS3 is old technology, are you going to upgrade? Your told that’s the devices whole point, they are supposed to get old quick. Well at Device Savers that makes nonsense, device defiantly get old over time, it’s a fact but can our technology that we spend our hard earn dollars on last? The answer is YES we at Device Savers believe so and all you have to do is take care of them. They are still functional and they pretty much make your life easier, so don’t let them gather dust, make your tech and the bug businesses standard work for you and make them relevant devices again.

If they are broken fix them, donate them, pass them down to a loved one, use it for parts, sell it, there are a ton of ideas to help you trash the throwaway mentality and if you want to know more Device Savers can help.

Shaina Savers

By Techwacky

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