TechStartupExpoLogopicAre you someone that loves technology and fascinated by the things that are done by modern technology? Would you love to be in an event where you can hear great minds speak to you about modern technology? Then this might be the perfect event for you today. Set on the 1st of October, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, the Tech Startup Expo will definitely bring you an experience that will fascinate you with the latest trends in technology today. You can also get the chance to speak and ask questions to various speakers that have been invited. Although their identities are yet to be revealed, these speakers will definitely share a lot of information about technology for people like you.

This event also aims to strengthen the knowledge of many people about Rochester and the important concepts it has contributed in this line of industry.

What to Expect

In just one day, the Tech Startup Expo will bring together a lot of business tycoons and experts in technology to give you a lot of professional and solicited advice if you want to start a high tech business venture. In a form this will be a seminar and a chance for future businessmen and businesswomen to meet and exchange pleasantries and eventually gain the trust of everyone and establish partnerships. It is such a wonderful event for those who are prospecting to enter in a business venture involving products of the modern technology.


There are three invited speakers right now for this startup activity. Although their identities cannot be divulged right now, the fact that they have been selected by the great people organizing this event means that these speakers are capable of giving you the type of information that you would need for your future business venture. Through their lectures, you will learn a lot from people that have done the same thing as what they are saying. You can be sure that everything that they tell you will be from their experiences.

What You Will Get?

You will have the chance to get plenty of advice for future business plans and possible business partners. The organizers recognize the importance of this event as a venue for future established partnership and friendship among businessmen so they made sure that the environment is friendly enough. Who knows? You might find entrepreneurs that are willing to help in providing the capital that you need? They also recognize that some businessmen are still in the dark when it comes to venture that are related to modern technology and therefore they had the great pleasure of bringing speakers capable of enlightening the minds of these businessmen. Enjoy the beauty of an expo that will make you experience great things

How to Join?

There is still plenty of time for you to join this event. All you have to do is to visit the website and scroll down until you see the “register” button. Simply click this and follow all the instructions given to you. Rest assured that this is a legitimate event and will definitely happen. The organizers also assure those that will register that all information provided during their registration will be kept confidential for their safety.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to boost your chances of making it to the top with a business involving modern technology. Grab it and enjoy the benefits that you can derive from it.

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