Maria3Smartgurlz is launching Fashion mini drones that offer the small girls an insight into the whole new world of technology. With its latest product for the kid girls the company is hoping to help girls with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). These toys basically would be fun fashion drones that would be smart enough to balance by themselves, make zero degree turn and embedded with video camera. Further these drones can be aligned using the Google’s kids coding software, Blockly.

A step towards developing STEM

The brand is looking to offer whole range of mini drones as well as action figures that will enable the little girls, aged at eight and above to connect with the inspiring figures as well as stories and thus enhance their STEM skills.

With the help of the drones, girls would be able to do the recording of live videos; take selfies, going ahead can resolve the problems with the help of SugarCoded software. One of the most important features that these drones are integrated with is to teach the kid girls basic principal of coding.

There are various characters such as JUN who is 16 years of age and loves chemistry. She aspires to become a neuroscientist.  JUN has her personal chemistry lab in the basement of her Brooklyn Brownstone home. Further the company has developed the character of JUN as such that she is also fond of baking Italian cookies and pastries. These drones have some really exciting hidden talents and for JUN it is her navigation techniques and can always get her way home.

The inspiration of creating these drones came when the company founder Sharmi Albrechtsen, got frustrated to see that there is no toy for her girl child that can be fun and at the same time has the educational value. Being a robotic enthusiast, Sharmi saw a whole lot of opportunity lying in front of her to create some fun toys. The official website of the company reveals that there are three drone barbies under construction namely Felicity, Jen and Maria and each one of them have their own uniqueness.

Enhance spatial skills in girls

The toy is exclusively made for girls and enables them to learn skills such as spatial reasoning, computer programming, problem solving and storytelling. According to various researches done in the past girls are known to have better verbal memory and social cognition compared to that of boys. On the other hand boys are blessed with better motor and spatial skills on an average.

The idea behind creating these girlstoys according to the founders is to enhance the spatial and motor skills of girls. The toy is offered as a kit and in every kit there is a mini drone, a story book which is known as Novella and stickers. First toy, dubbed as Siggy is a self balancing scooter than has enough space to fit a Barbie along with the SmartGurlz doll.

Maddy is the second scooter which has various types of carriers and can be changed into a dog carrier, an ice cream bike or el-rickshaw.

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