bluerobotheadwritingTEENY OFFICE Travel Agency CRM also known as customer relationship management is a cloud based software designed to help manage customer data, calendars, sales and commission reporting , marketing and customer support. It is one of the most revolutionary Travel Agent softwares around the world.

Teeny Office CRM software

Teeny Office is Travel Agency CRM-Customer Relationship Management software designed by travel agents themselves due to the lack of options available. The hassle of buying separate software for database, email marketing, accounting and invoicing is too much hassle and there is no optimal solution available. Teeny Office caters to all of the above needs in one package. It is a cloud based solution for travel agencies, host agencies and independent travel agents. Teeny Office is capable of sales reporting, invoicing, marketing, database management, commission report from single or multiple vendors and cruise invoices. It is considered as the front runner in travel agency technology.

Teeny Office features:

• Best Client Management System
• Up to 20 accounts for host agencies
• Great for all size travel agencies
• Great for Host and independent agencies
• Allows independent agent to maintain independent database
• Allows Host agencies to build remote workforce
• Allows agencies to recruit and manage remote agents
• Database Management
• Upload existing database
• Ability to add and track client history
• Responsive emailing Email Marketing
• Client email and travel history
• Client special events history
• Passport reminders
• Multiple currency invoicing
• Customizable with logos
• Ability to upload pictures to invoices
• Sales Reporting-printable and exportable
• Commission Reporting-printable and exportable
• Invoices HTML and PDF
• Worldwide Airport codes
• Custom vendor resources
• Cruise Invoices with commission tracking
• Single Vendor & multiple vendor commission Invoicing
• Daily, weekly, monthly calendar
• Track Important dates easily
• Cloud based capability to manage remote agents
• Interface with your GDS
• 100% mobile compatibility
• Available in US, Canadian, Euro and British currencies
• Cruiseline logos on invoices

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