5_product_logo_jpegThe advanced technologies are developed to make our lives simpler and better. Online transactions involve purchasing travel or entertainment tickets, retail products or what not; today we can get all of our work done by sitting comfortably at our homes. Most of the hassle situations occur in the case of purchasing travel tickets especially during peak hours and festival seasons. If you travel on regular basis then standing into long queues for 3-4 times a week or more can be very much frustrating and a tedious job to do. Online booking is simple and an easy solution to these problems and also offer pretty discounts to the customers on regular basis.

Benefits of Online Bus tickets Booking

  • Escape from the colossal rush on ticket counters.
  • Stay one step ahead from the other people by being onboard before time as you don’t have to wait in long queues.
  • Saves your time and money.
  • Make all sort of enquires before purchasing ticket online because it’s all so smooth and easy over the internet.
  • With easybook, you can also get surprising discounts on the major destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Ipoh, Malacca, Penang and all the other destinations.

Screenshot_8Websites such as Easybook offer variety of buses over thousands of routes running day and night. If you are a frequent traveler and prefer traveling by bus then its best that you first search for the bus services over the internet as the booking sites always offer cheap travel options for bus or coach tickets. You can also compare the costs, comfort and routes of various buses on the website and select the one which you consider the best.

Express bus Services running from major destinations

There are lots of express buses running between the major destinations such as Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, the most popular ones are The ones travel & tours, Luxury coach,707 inc, Nice, Golden Coach express and many more. The buses offer ultimate comfort and quality travel which will make you enjoy the short trips and keep you relaxed on the long ones. There are always offers on the buses running between major destinations, different companies may offer various discounts which are available online. Bus to Kuala Lumpur will drop you off majorly at Berjaya Time square, Pudu central, TBS and few more points.

Another major route is from Singapore to Malacca. Bus to Malacca is A class and offers services of free Wi-Fi, food and massaging chair. You will thoroughly enjoy your travel even in the peak traffic times.

Reasons for online bus booking with easybook

  • They have buses running over 12000 routes between Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
  • There are more than 110 bus operators and you can select the ones of your choice.
  • Booking is very easy and involves a few easy steps with 100% authenticity. Stay assured after you book the ticket online, it’s totally guaranteed transaction.
  • Also available on mobile platform, you can download their apps and purchase tickets on the go.
  • Frequent discount schemes are offered throughout the year.

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