simsBased in Surrey, near London, Lets Race offers the only full motion professional F1 simulators in the UK. The racing centre has a driving simulation room equipped with 10 simulators that can reach speeds of up to 200mph (360 km/h) and develop forces of up to 1.5G.

Since the weather is not an issue, you can drop in any day of the week, even during lunchtime. Simply use the form on the website to book your session online, and make sure you get there in time for the race. The driving experience days out is a great way to feel all the hype and excitement of Formula 1, no matter if you come as a single driver or as part of a team.

This is a multi sensory experience, much more intense than go-karting, where people can come to watch the race and cheer their favorite on, thus re-creating the atmosphere of a real race. Moreover, the hyper reality racing experience is enhanced by the cars’ sound system that reproduces the exact noise you would hear on a Formula 1 track. With a host of single and party packages, this is a great idea for a party or for enjoying a driving experience days out.


Different kinds of tracks for experts and beginners.

You can choose both the type of car you want to race and the circuit; there are different tracks for beginners and for expert drivers. Out of the 20 tracks you can race on, most circuits, like the Spa Francorchamps, Melbourne, Montreal, Shanghai, Silverstone, Abu Dhabi, Brazilian, Japanese, Sepang, Singapore, Monaco and Hungary are recommended primarily for advanced simulator drivers.

Safety briefing is provided on all experience packages, so you must get there half an hour earlier. G forces can get rather high, and if you crash during the simulation, you will actually feel the force of that crash.

There are two packages where you get to fully experience an F1 race, plus a practice package to hone your driving skills. If you are new to simulator racing, it is recommended you choose the standard 30-minute experience that is divided into two parts: there is a 15 minute qualifying round, plus the 15 minute actual race. Beginners are also recommended the not very challenging Orchard Lake or Monza tracks.

More advanced drivers can try the premium race package that lasts for 45 minutes; at the end of the race, drivers will receive their own telemetry brief. Out of the 45 minutes, 15 are spent on the qualifying round, while the remaining 30 minutes are dedicated to the race itself.

Alternatively, when you don’t have much time, for instance when you are on your lunch break, you can choose the practice special where you will just get to drive one of the 5 cars for 25 minutes straight on any track you choose! At the end, you will get a brief of your own lap times to show off to your friends.

You’ll probably never get the chance to drive an actual F1 car, but with these simulators you can get to experience driving exactly like an F1 pilot!

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