recover-lost-dataElectronic data bases and other archived information are an important part of corporate identity; it is crucial for any organization to be able to access whenever needed the information detailing the company’s brand, trade secrets, patents, licenses, agreements, events planning, product descriptions and launching, documents pertaining to the internal activities of the organization, etc.

When access is no longer possible, quick and complete data recovery is important for the success of any business, as is backing up all files and preventing data loss from happening again. Organizations can get substantial discounts from websites dealing specifically with software vouchers, like the Kernel Data Recovery Coupon that helps companies recover corporate files and folders, including permanently deleted data. Any customer can choose from home, technician, and corporate license coupons the type of data retrieving software that is right for them.

Lepide-Software-Pvt-Ltd_Coupons_2559160The Kernel Data Recovery Coupon offers a complete range of recovery tools without making you spend a small fortune. Designed with ease of use in mind, Kernel is able to easily repair and recover data that is corrupted and damaged, and can no longer be accessed. More specifically, it can recover files and folders from Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Novell, Unix, iPod, Virtual hard disk, as well as digital photos (from your computer, as well as from memory sticks, flash, XD and MMC cards, and pen drives).

Data recovery for Windows

Windows stores all data on your hard disk in FAT (FAT 16 and 32) and NTFS (NTFS and NTFS5) partitions. Kernel can recover deleted, improper or accidentally formatted, and virus and spyware compromised FAT and NTFS data and partitions from Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, and 8; the only requirement is that your computer has at least 64MB of free RAM. It can retrieve archive, database, document, graphic, media, and web files; just some examples include: ZIP, RAR; DBF; DOC, RTF, PDF and XLS; PNG, JPEG, TIFF and GIF; MP3, AVI and WMV; and HTML.

The software works by scanning the corrupted partition, recovering data, and allowing you to copy it to another disk. You will have to choose the type of scan you want the software to perform, namely Quick Scan (suitable for retrieving infected and corrupted partitions; unsuitable for formatted partitions), Extensive Scan (able to recover formatted as well as deleted data), and File Trace (retrieves the files that the previously two scans missed, especially in the case of data that got deleted long ago).

Note that while the company offers a free demo version of its Windows data recovery software, it only enables you to retrieve your data without also being able to save it; you will have to buy a licensed version of Kernel if you want to save your recovered files. Moreover, when you purchase the software, you will get a feature that keeps up to date your version of Kernel for Windows to ensure optimum anti loss protection.

Depending on what your business needs, you can also get coupons for special recovery software for passwords, e-mails, data bases, ZIP, or Word, for both home and office users.

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