keyboarding_stor_tekstThe touch typing is the process of typing without seeing the keys on the keyboard. The professional typist type on the keyboard, by just placing their eight fingers on the middle row of the keyboard horizontally and making them move all over the keyboard from the same place. You can also learn the same as it can prove to be beneficial if you work on the computer for long hours.

Pros of touch typing:

  • Increases speed: The first and very important benefit of this kind of typing is that you will easily finish your work in less amount of time. The professional typist can type with speed of 80 words in one minute but the people who don’t know this will find difficulty in typing just about 40 words in one minute. This is because this typing doesn’t require looking at the keyboard again and again every time you type. Hence, it increases your speed of typing.
  • Time: It is very beneficial as it saves much of your time especially, when you are appearing for typing test for any competitive exam. As your speed of typing will increase from 30-80 words per minute you will be able to type more and more words in less amount of time.
  • Accuracy: The third benefit which you get by learning a typing course is that you will not only be able to type fast but also accurately. If you tend to type very fast but, no one can understand what exactly you are typing then, it is not a good thing at all. You have to be equally accurate as typing fast.
  • Fatigue and stress: The typing work is full of stress and fatigue most of the times. Not only this, it is physically and mentally exhausting too. Learning the correct way of typing may prevent all these problems as the typing will enable you to just focus on your result not on the too many keys of the keyboard. Secondly, when you are not allowed to look at the keys you will not get stress injuries.

Cons of touch typing:

Time: The course of typing requires much time for the new beginners as they are never taught this in their schools, colleges or anywhere else.

Fresh training: there are many experienced typists who when given other keyboards might find difficulty in maintaining the same speed and accuracy. Hence, they require fresh training.

Consistency: The training requires consistency of a person, which is very difficult to do as the course requires continuous exposure to computer which might be boredom sometimes.

Difficult: There are people who are used to hunt and peck typing. These people may find the new course of typing very difficult to adapt.

Costly: The training of typing is not a few days training. It requires a number of months in order to get perfect in this. This might cost you a little more than you expect. Most of the people might want to learn but due to lack of money they can’t learn.

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