Screenshot_1Saudi Arabia and countries in the Middle East have long been struggling to move their economies beyond the carbon reserves sector.  To compound difficulties the region has been filled with strife and unrest for a long time.  However, with the growing internet and technology sector in countries like Saudi Arabia a new wave of opportunity is rising for the residents here.  The internet sector is growing and receiving a great deal of support from King Salman and other high ranking officials within the government.  Furthermore support and funding for education of Saudi citizens abroad has brought us to a new level of global cultural understanding and tech prowess.

Saudi Arabia is located in an ideal location geographically which makes it excellent for gaining access to both European and Asian markets easily.  The country’s abundant carbon reserves will provide it with plentiful and cheap energy which is necessary for powering the servers and cooling them for data centers.  Furthermore, as mentioned above the government’s recent efforts to send aspiring Saudi students abroad is creating a well-educated and technology oriented generation which will be well prepared for the future global market which relies heavily on the internet and tech sector.

Within the internet sector there are quite a few divisions.  Web design has become one of the fastest growing divisions within the sector because of mobile devices and the need to develop functional, usable websites for them.  The importance of this cannot be understated either.  As more mobile devices with different screen sizes enter the market each year the ability to keep your website up-to-date and compatible with all of these devices is absolutely critical.  Not only is it important from a user standpoint, but search engines, such as Google, are beginning to rank websites based on whether or not they’re mobile friendly when someone conducts a search on a mobile platform.

Another aspect which is critical for improving both a company’s website and can improve their overall image is having a blog where they regularly write interesting and informational blogs.  Having a well written blog with links to both other pages in the site and outside pages has two benefits.  It helps the site rank better because it regularly has new content.  The second benefit is it attracts customers and sets the site up as trusted, knowledgeable resource about whatever topic is discussed; this will keep readers returning regularly to learn about what is happening in the field.  These changes in the tech world are truly creating a more connected world and it looks like this will be a time for the Middle East to break out and connect with the world in new ways.

By Techwacky

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