Screenshot_4Smoking is addictive and it not only creates a trouble for the smoker but also for the people around. It is therefore advised to quit smoking but most of the people who have an addiction are not able to quit it. In order to help them in getting rid of this act several vaping equipments and electronic cigarettes have been introduced in the market which have proved to be effective in helping the smokers in quitting their bad habit. The best thing about these equipments or vaping devices is that they are available in different flavors and do not produce any kind of smoke. Hence, they are eco-friendly.

One such device that is growing in demand among people is K-Vape. It is the best pen vape introduced in the market till now because of its outstanding features. Here are some of the features in this portable device that will amaze you.

  • Design – The best pen vape, K-vape is designed in the form of a pen. It is very light in weight and hence portable. The sides and back of the body is made up of rubber and the front is designed in plastic. The device is provided with a power button which needs to be pressed to put it on. It is also provided with an auto shut off feature which switches off the device if you forget putting it off after use. The device comprises of a large chamber that has the capacity to store 0.6 grams of herbs at a time.
  • Temperature settings – As far as temperature is concerned, the device comes with three temperature settings. The user can easily adjust the settings according to the requirements. All you need to do is to hold the power button and observe the changes in the light indicator. If the indicator shows a red light, the temperature is 360 degree, when the color changes to green, the temperature is 380 degrees and when the temperature reaches 420 degrees, the light turns blue. You can set your desired temperature and enjoy vaping.
  • No combustion – The device does not produce smoke which makes it easier to use in the areas where smoking is banned.
  • Battery – The battery of the device is chargeable as it is provided with a USB slot. The charger comes with the package and can be plugged in to charge the device. The device once charged can be used for almost 3 days.
  • Warranty – Who would not like to get a life time warranty on any product? Yes, the K-vape comes with lifetime warranty.
  • Wide range of colors – The k-vape is made available in a wide range of colors and editions like black edition, big apple, white lightening, aqua velvet, gold finger, magnum etc. The individuals can select any one of their choice.
  • Price – the K-Vape is available at a price of $119.95. However, the price might vary with the colors and editions that you purchase.

K-vape is one of the best vaping devices that allow the individuals to quit smoking and move ahead to lead a healthy life.

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