youtubeviewsbuyscreenshotYou have just done an amazing video and uploaded it on YouTube for the world to see. But this is trickier than it looks at first; to help your video rank among the huge numbers of quality videos uploaded daily by both individuals and businesses you need the help of professionals if you want it done properly and risk-free.

To rank on YouTube, a video has to have real views and likes, and this may be very difficult to achieve, particularly when you are just starting out. With us, you can purchase views for Youtube, and you don’t risk getting banned because the views provided are real, not fake (bot, mobile scripts). Fake views can get your video or channel banned from YouTube, so take this very seriously.

What you can get

Basically, you will get real referrers from Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. This is a suitable promotion method for private individuals, businesses, singers and other musicians, actors and filmmakers, videogame players, educational institutions. Additionally, you can also buy likes, comments, favorites, as well as subscribers.

  • Real views: Like Google, YouTube uses SEO algorithms to determine which videos to show on the first page, second page, etc. Obviously, there is a tremendous amount of videos competing to rank first. The more (paid, but real) views you have, the more people will get to see your videos without further need to buy views. All your video needs is a push in the right direction. You can get everything you need starting from 5.000 real views for as low as 15 USD, up to 1.000.000 real views for 900 USD.
  • High retention worldwide views refer to the viewers who have watched the entire video, thus spending more time on it as compared to those who immediately closed the window after clicking the link. High retention views videos rank higher than the rest on YouTube, Yahoo, Google, etc. The aim of this method is to let people know of your video and ultimately your business, but you should be aware that this alone is usually not enough to make a sale. Other marketing methods are required for that, but giving viewers interesting, useful content may turn them into potential customers. High retention views start as low as 25 USD for 5.000 views.
  • With targeted YouTube views, you can show your video only to people from specific countries to maximize results. When done properly, targeted views can easily translate into sales. Prices range from 25 USD to 2,730 USD.

The average time to start delivering an order ranges from 6 to 24 hours, and may take a couple of days to complete. For instance, 5.000 real views take approximately 2 days to be completely delivered.

When you buy Youtube views, you know this is an effective way to promote all kinds of movies, either for personal reasons or for advertising. Make sure though the video you post complies to YouTube guidelines, otherwise it may be removed even if it gets thousands of real views. The contents of your videos are your responsibility, so act accordingly (no porn, no copyrighted material, etc.).

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