ccclogoThe businesses need to deal with a large database and manage them to perfection for future use. Using the large excel files is sometimes a hassle if the employees are not well versed. Though most of the companies hire employees after checking their capability, the requirement might change with the advancing technology. It is therefore necessary to get the training sessions conducted for the employees from time to time so that they remain updated with the technology and carry out their work with a high level of perfection. Chicago Computer Classes is one of the leading companies that posses a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can train your staff as per your requirements.

The company imparts training in advanced excel functions and you can also get the course modified as per your requirements. The company provides training in excel in different courses. You can select one as per your requirements. The courses are offered at an introduction level and intermediate level. The business can also avail the automation service offered by the company.

Services offered by the company

On-site training

The company offers on-site training services to the employees. They will visit your location and impart one-on-one training. If you wish, you can ask them to take a class of more people but for this you will have to pay more. In the introduction level course, the professional trainer will teach you about the basics of excel while the intermediate course comprises of advanced functions like logical tests, VLOOKUP, AND, OR, Match, If etc. If you are looking forward to gain perfection in a specific skill set, you can consider availing the tutoring services offered by the Chicago Computer Classes.

What employees learn?

All the teaching sessions are provided by professional instructors having a huge working experience. The calculations are taught using advanced formulas so that it takes less time to bring out the result. The data is presented in forms of charts. The process involves creating the chart, modifying the chart and formatting the chart. The excel course also includes insertion of other graphic objects using smart art graphics. Organization of worksheets and data tables is also taught. Data is calculated in the respective table or worksheet using advanced techniques. The company analyses the data by using pivot charts and pivot tables. The students learn here how to enhance and customize workbooks and the excel environment.

Automation services

The company also provides automation services to other companies. The huge excel sheets that involve complex calculations can be made simpler by availing the automation service. The professionals automate the sheet making it easier for the company to manage the operations. This is also an effective way of saving money and time.

Apart from the automation service, the company also holds excellence in connecting the excel sheets with APIs, data sources and other online sources.

The businesses who wish to avail the service of the Chicago Computer Classes can also get online quotes in order to know beforehand the amount that they will have to pay for availing the services.

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