parcel-xpressEstablished in Florida, Parcel Xpress LLC is a shipping service designed to help non-US customers shop from US websites. There are plenty of local stores that only ship locally. Even if they do it internationally, they are less likely to care too much about the shipping. They fail to consider custom regulations or rules because they are not even familiar with them, while their local reputation is a lot more important than the international one. With these ideas in mind, Parcel Xpress gives each customer the possibility to choose an address on US soil, get the items delivered to it, then forwarded to any other address in the world.

Parcel Xpress LLC works fairly simple. Basically, you can get in touch with the customer service and create an account. From that point on, you will be assigned an address. The address will be used for your initial shipping. The portal also offers a list of the most popular US based websites at, as well as the way they work. While they all have fixed prices, there is one exception – eBay. If you choose an auction item, you will need to pay the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on the respective item. If it sells for less, the remaining money will be refunded. Some of the main stores you can order from include Amazon, Walmart, Apple, BestBuy, Bloomingdales or Powell’s, among a few others.

The portal interface is transparent and very user friendly. Ordering from US based websites has never been easier. Customers can also find the shipping rates available on site. They normally depend on the total weight. It makes no difference what kind of goods you need. However, Parcel Xpress LLC advises its clients to learn about their local regulations and laws. For example, some countries may charge taxes for particular goods, like jewelery, perfumes or electronics. Some others may forbid things like perishable foods.

The operation conducted via is fairly simple and straight to the point. You order the desired items and they reach to your new address. Worried that you might have gotten the wrong stuff? Concerned about the inside of the box? The experts on site will open it up and repackage it before shipping. They will take pictures of your things and upload them as soon as they get online. From that point on, you need to decide on the shipping method and wait patiently. The operation is very prompt and leaves no room for mistakes. Items are reshipped within 24 hours only. Parcel Xpress LLC also allows hosting stuff for more days, especially if you plan to order more things. This way, shipping will be combined and a lot more cost efficient.

In the end, the service delivered by comes in to satisfy a market segment that was overlooked by American retailers. Even if some of them do ship to Europe, Asia or other continents, the truth is that you will never have access to all the goods available to US citizens, hence the necessity of such a reshipping service.

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