BrowzincategoryIntroducing Browz’In – the new mobile phone app that transforms the mall shopping experience, giving shoppers personalized and optimized information about special offers inside the mall.

The Mall Game-Changer:

Browz’In empowers shoppers in the mall to share information with their friends and crowd-source the best bargains. It enables retailers and mall owners to contact consumers directly while they are inside the mall and highlight the special offers that are relevant to them. Based on each consumer’s profile, the app can drive sales and trends in a uniquely targeted way.

The Browz’In App turns shoppers into influencers who can
share information about special offers and the latest trends.

For Consumers:

Instead of window shopping, download the new Browz’In Mall App to improve your retail experience:

  • Alerts you to products currently on special offer throughout the Mall
  • Notifies you about the deals that are most relevant to you
  • Share great mall bargains with friends (Like and Post on Facebook)
  • See what others are buying and stay on-trend
  • Go straight to discounted products to save time and money

For Retailers & Malls:

  • Push marketing – bringing special offers to the attention of mall shoppers
  • Product-led crowd-sourcing – using social media to drive traffic to your stores
  • Encouraging browsers to share data and influence other shoppers’ buying decisions
  • Opportunities to advertise special offers, trending products and hot deals.
  • Collecting data on consumers’ profiles and preferences throughout the mall

The Browz’In application can be used by retailers for product promotion on social media, directing consumers to the most relevant products and encouraging them to share and recommend them to their friends and networks connections.

Development Stages:

  • Advertising Opportunities for Retailers
  • Interactive Map of the Shopping Mall
  • Payment for Goods eg. parents paying for kids’ purchases
  • Consumer Profiling & Analytics for Mall Managers

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