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Located in San Diego Luxury Carbon Fiber ingeniously designs and manufactures Carbon Fiber products for the “Modern Gentleman”. Being a Gentleman is timeless and sophisticated and we understand a key role in success is: Modernization. There are so many different high end accessories that are marketed towards women (most of the time made in China in mass production) Luxury Carbon Fiber wanted to create a high quality brand made in the USA that is practical, stylish, and durable. It’s been our personal experience most products that are marketed towards men happen to actually to be marketed by women who think they know what men want. What makes finding good quality products even harder is the backlash when men don’t like something because they see the value in the manufacturing quality and not in the marketing of an overpriced, mass produced, low quality, over-hyped brand name. Our brand is meant to empower the timeless, hard working, gentleman that does not settle for trends that do not respect that when someone buys an item the buyer is investing their hard earned money as well as their time. Because Carbon Fiber is extremely lightweight and has a higher strength to weight ration than any alloy steel; it’s the premiere material choice for: luxury car manufacturers, aviation designers, military, and technology innovators.

Luxury Carbon Fiber was started in San Diego by Kyle Banks who is a Manufacturing Engineer and Melissa Scanlan who happens to be Kyle’s girlfriend. Melissa discovered on more than one occasion Kyle was the hardest person in the world to Christmas shop for; he did not want anything that was a mass produced import, and he could find something wrong with how most things were manufactured/”cheapened”. After we searched high and low for the perfect men’s products- our concept naturally evolved: creating a line of luxury handmade products for men, designed by men, tested by men, and proudly made in the USA. What makes Luxury Carbon Fiber different is the amount of meticulous detail put into each product and high standard manufacturing procedures.
All of our raw materials are sourced/produced in the USA, the leather we use is sourced from a humane vendors (we strive to use recycled leather when possible), there is a eco-friendly/vegan friendly alternative option for any of our leather products, we custom built all of our robots, and our long term goals are: hire disabled Veterans and  develop prosthetics for race horses (If they break a leg while racing they are euthanized we are working to develop a leg supporting device that will alleviate the pressure the horse put on its legs after injury).

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