karsof_headerAlthough it is required of attorneys to maintain client confidentiality at all times, it is prudent for clients, especially corporate clients, to examine a law firm’s data security practices before hiring them. Karsof™ Integrated Network Security System can insure the level of security needed to keep your important legal information safe, for both you and your attorney.

Karsof Network Security Keeps Legal Information Safe

Law firms are required to implement specific data security practices and they must ensure that all staff and personnel understand and adhere to such procedures. This usually involved password protection and other forms of penetrable encryptions. Even with every protection, these methods are not only penetrable, but they’re outdated technology worthy of being backup, not your main security.  Karsof™ Integrated Network Security System is a more secure way to protect yourself and your sensitive legal documents.

Law firms need to have distinct rules in order to protect employee to employee document transfers, but most importantly, for arbitration and litigation transfers.

Law firms, as well as their corporate clients who may be sharing confidential information, should have a system in place that provides such support regarding confidentiality and takes the utmost precautions to protect transmitted information. Karsof Systems provides that level of security; it offers an integrated network system that unequivocally protects and secures your documents.

Karsof Security When Destroying Documents

Undoubtedly, having rules and a system that protects a firm’s document storage, and retention procedures are very important. However, the eventual destruction of those documents is equally as important. Karsof Systems ensured the secure destruction of documents with its patented Integrated Network Security System technology.

Many states have laws that require firms to retain documents for a certain number of years, but digital document disposal isn’t as easy as shredding the hard copies of the past. And although digital documents do solve the problem of space, it does pose the problem of eventually needing to destroy a digital document. This is never an issue with Karsof Systems; they ensure only authorized personnel are able to access and fully destroy documents when necessary.

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