MainPageHave you ever sent something important over email? Something personal or confidential? If so then you should be aware of how email functions and the risks involved in sending sensitive information this way. Email is not secure and it is very possible that it could be compromised. Remember the Sony hack?

Most email is sent with no protection at all, as if it were a postcard with the contents written on the outside, for anyone to see. Some email is protected in transit, to and from your email provider’s servers. The protection used along the way is called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and although it can be hacked it is still the standard for security when information is in transit. The problem lies in how your content is stored on your email provider’s servers. Once it arrives, it is no longer protected and sits in plain written text, available to read and view by anyone with access to the company servers. If the company servers are hacked, so too is anything you have stored in your email. Even if a hack doesn’t occur, you still must trust the employees of you email provider to not sift through your documents and emails.

So how can you safely send messages and files online? The simple solution is I.CX

I.CX is an end-to-end encrypted file sharing and messaging application that doesn’t require any download or installation. You just visit I.CX, sign up or login with a username and password, and you can immediately being sending encrypted messages and files to other I.CX users. If your friends aren’t on I.CX, you can type their email address in the send field and either invite them to join or send them a link to the encrypted messages or files.

The beauty of I.CX lies in its design behind the scenes. End-to-end encryption means that before going out over the internet, your message or file is garbled into an indecipherable string of numbers and letters. Only your intended recipient can reconstruct the original message once it reaches their computer. Along the way, your message is never stored in an unencrypted or hackable way. Even if hackers where to access stored messages on I.CX servers, the content would be completely illegible to them.

Why doesn’t your email provider offer encryption, you might wonder? One important reason is advertising. By sending all of your messages in plain text they are able to crawl them and mine their contents. This allows them to target you better when they display advertisements next to the email you are reading. They could provide you with security, but it would mean less money in their pockets.

Stop using email, start using I.CX today.

By Techwacky

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