smartcremation-logoMore people are choosing cremation as a part of their end-of-life plans than ever before, and it’s likely because of the great wealth of options associated with cremation. These options are greatly increased when you preplan your cremation. Now there’s a new startup that has married the many options available for preplanning your cremation with the hottest trend in technology, 3-D Printing. Minneapolis startup Foreverence first made headlines when they created a custom urn in the shape of an Energy Dome for Devo guitarist and keyboardist Bob Casale. Next they plan to work with funeral directors to offer custom printed urns in a wide array of shapes and sizes.

The Foreverence webpage puts it plainly enough, asking its visitors “How do you want to be remembered?” The website also features a gallery of the types of urns they’ve been able to print, including ballet slippers, cars, a cowboy hat, guitars, and a piano. Foreverence can even make an urn that acts as a picture frame, allowing loved ones to change out a photo occasionally. For instance, loved ones can replace a photo of a summer vacation with a Christmas photo.

Foreverence’s CEO Pete Saari said in an interview that they’re excited to be in an industry full of “me too” products. “Everyone calls their products ‘custom’ but they all look like a vase or a box,” said Saari. By creating a custom urn for the deceased, they’re able to capture a lasting legacy and provide family members with a long-lasting momento.

Most 3-D printers work by extruding a high-heat plastic and arranging it, layer by layer, until the desired shape is complete. Foreverence’ s 3-D printer works with a ceramic compound material which is better suited for the application than plastic. Coloring is added between the layers which not only keeps the layers together but also adds color to the entire piece. Once completed, employees refine the piece, sanding down any rough spots or adding additional paint to complete the urn. The company says the entire process takes about nine hours, depending on the size and shape of the urn.

The company has launched at just the right moment, too. 3-D printers are becoming more popular as people begin to realize the countless possibilities open to them. Cremation is also becoming an increasingly popular choice for much the same reason. In addition to being a more affordable end-of-life option, cremation gives families and preplanners many options to consider.

If you haven’t considered preplanning your own cremation, consider this: Preplanning for your end-of-life needs not only lightens the emotional and financial burden placed on your family once you pass, it also allows you to create a long-lasting legacy. By working with a knowledgable and compassionate cremation specialist, you’ll be able to lock-in a cremation at today’s prices while tailoring every aspect of your service. You’ll also be able to choose your standard urn or even work with a company like Foreverence in creating a custom vessel that displays your personality and comforts your surviving family.

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