roomhintslogo-with-spaceWhen talking about thinking of entrepreneurialism as a way of life, there are a few people who have made it to the list of those who really practice what they believe in. For example, Tiffany Willson believes that being an entrepreneur means having the affirmation and the dedication to start something. This makes her the very successful co-founder of RoomHints. She works tirelessly just to bring ideas into realizations.

Early Life

Ever since the age of three, she had this outlook and understanding on the need to start something in order to achieve results. This principle has guided her through her life. When she finally decided to start her journey with RoomHints, there were some motivations that she gave credit for, leading her to the path they she took, including things that she had to experience in order to achieve her goal.

Since the age of three, she has started to think of new business ideas, on how to start with something that is little, and eventually allowing it to grow by adapting to beat the competition. For example, when she was five years old, she had her own lemonade stand. When she began noticing that others in her street started to create lemonade stands, she diverted her attention to selling flowers.

The Entrepreneur in Her

For Tiffany Willson, being an entrepreneur means having that drive to start and create something. If something already exists, an entrepreneur seeks ways to change and update it. It is both ignorance and innovative thinking combined. It usually starts with ignoring the problems according to their size, coupled with the boldness to ignore potential fear of failure, and instead, being confident that it is possible to handle, or change it. Being an entrepreneur to her means; taking calculated risk.

When Talking About RoomHints

For Tiffany, her new endeavor, Roomhints, is described as a mobile application, which is geared towards providing assistance with interior design. The potential users simply take a photo of their room and with the help of the app the user will get all possible products to create the design of the space.

Tiffany Willson has an outstanding fascination and curiosity when it comes to technology. It has led her to thinking how that fascination may be used in collaboration with her skills in interior design. Her co-founder has also discovered that in the industry, there are not many companies that focus on the use of actual technology and modernization.

At the end of the day, she gives credit to the actual founding team for all the success achieved to build this company. She believes in the analogy that taking an idea and creating a business out of it is similar to enrolling in an art class where the teacher explains the project to the class and create something out of clay, but the concept to be used is that of a roller coaster.

Of course, no two students will come up with the same output. This is because our human minds are created in a way that acts differently from one human to another. Nobody will ever have the same exact results. She said that this is the same exact thing that actually happens in the entrepreneurial world.

When a team of differently capable individuals bring their ideas to the table and work together, it is quite interesting to see an output that can ultimately produce success. A good entrepreneur working as a part of a team also knows the value of listening to what the others have to say. By doing so, there is an assurance that the resulting action is out of a unified decision that works with the goal of starting something that is also expected to do bigger things as time passes by. Entrepreneurialism, for her, is a very interesting thing.

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