Outlook_2015_iconWith the Outlook Diversity Calendar all of your staff can keep track of key dates in 2015 – including religious days, festivals, holidays and important diversity dates.

The Outlook Diversity Calendar will help to ensure that your staff don’t miss any important celebrations in 2015 or plan events when parts of the workforce cannot participate fully.

This is the world’s ‘number one’ diversity resource used by thousands of organisations to help promote equality, respect and inclusion.

You can distribute the Outlook Diversity Calendar easily by email to all staff. It will open alongside their normal Outlook calendar or they can choose a combined view and see all of the dates together.

What’s more, the Outlook Diversity Calendar is fully customisable – which means you can add your organisation dates – such as work events, training courses, meetings, holidays or project schedules. It works great on laptops, phones and tablets.

The Outlook Diversity Calendar is the essential diversity resource for 2015 – so please order now for your organisation – at www.diversitonlearningacademy.com

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com