parcel eastThe problem that most foreigners have when wanting to buy goods from the United States is the fact that vendors refuse to work with people outside the country. In most cases, the credit cards are not accepted, and you will need to provide a US address to which the goods will be sent. Even if they ship to other countries, the shipping costs are sky high, so it is not worth to spend your money on these products.

An affordable solution

One solution that I frequently use is the Parcel East service plan. This plan is designed for people who live outside the US, but they want to buy merchandise from the American stores. With the rapid expansion of the internet, the worldwide customers would like to buy American products, but it is impossible for them to do this directly. Companies that help forwarding the purchases are an excellent choice.

The Parcel East LLC is a Florida based company that offers a wide variety of US addresses where the goods can be shipped. This fact means that you can shop without any problem in the online stores and send your goods at one of these addresses. The main aim is to provide an easy solution for the current purchase issues.

I was one of the people who went through the frustration of not being able to buy the things that I wanted. There were so many qualitative products, and it would have been a shame not to take advantage of them. This company has taken care of the shipping and handling of the products and in this way, I could focus on the deals and deductions for the merchandise that I wanted.

Guaranteed services

Working together with the website is a great opportunity to benefit from all the advantageous services. The system is user-friendly and highly secured. I was able to access it whenever I needed their assistance. The whole ordering process is easy. I simply signed up with them and got a special virtual address. I used it in order to place my orders from there. All the orders were manageable with the help of my online account.

In terms of the payment, I could do the payment, or if I did not want that, the company would make the payment on my behalf. The good thing for me was the free storage for the duration of the week.The staff processed each order in about 24 hours. After I had bought the goods, it was easy to get it to my door. I could select the shipment manner in the most convenient and low priced method. In order to lower the costs, the company would repackage the good. I liked the fact that they stick to the given instructions without any single flaw. So, it was natural to give instructions and see how they were followed by the company. The reality is that this way of US shopping is the most convenient for my situation.

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