iOS-8You have probably waited so long for the iOS 8 to pop in and solve some of the previous problems. Besides this, the operating system comes with loads of new features and updates that are extremely useful. In the section of technology from, you can find a complete insight in the new versions of the iPhone, but you need the below tips in order to harvest their full capacity.

Your e-mail

Marking your e-mails has become a lot easier as you can simply swipe to the right. If you want to flag or trash a message the same swipe is needed and you will get a multiple options menu from which you can select the wanted action. When you are in the inbox interface, deleting the message is done with a swipe and no need to go to any additional submenu. The swipes can be customized from the settings menu, so that it feels more natural to you.

Minimizing an email can be done by dragging it to the bottom. In this way, you have access to the inbox in an instant. On the other hand, you may want to be coordinated with a partner that is in another time zone. The Time Zone Override gives you the chance to show you the specific date and time of the sent message. The searching feature has also improved as you can search only in one inbox or in all of them by selecting the mailbox option.

Your messages

In case you are interested in knowing the time when you received a message, you can simply drag it to the left. There you have a small window which will show you everything you want to know. Holding the copy option will reveal a more extensive menu. From there you can choose a wide variety of actions.

In case you want to insert a photo in an iMessage, you should hold the camera icon. Go to the picture capture by swiping up and to the videos by swiping left. It happens from time to time that the number of messages is so large that you get annoyed by their sound. Using the mute option is a good solution. Go to the details section of the message and select the Do Not Disturb feature. In this way the SMS ringer and the iMessages one is muted. Sending attachments is also done from the Details section.

In case you want to de-clutter the message area, you can go to the message history and select the period of time you want to keep the messages. It can be from 30 days to one year or even forever. When the timeline gets to your set date, the messages will be deleted.

There are just some of the handy tips offered by you want to know how to make your life easier and to harvest the full power of iOS 8, visit the tech section of websites and learn all the new tricks right now.


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