photo_4I am the type of person who goes out of her way in order to find the things I like. Friends often tell me that I am like a scout, searching high and low for the things that I need. To tell you the truth, it can all get a little too tiring. Sure, owning unique things is great, but it is not always worth going to flea and antique markets where you sometimes are not able to find anything, and all that you end up doing is wasting precious time.

Truthfully, this is how I found the app Fotozino. I had gotten tired of always searching for the things that I needed and I wanted an app that would make my shopping impulses easier to manage. Time was becoming less of a commodity and more of a luxury for me, so it only made sense that I would find something that would allow me to find the things I wanted without me having to travel all over town, and sometimes outside town.

Commerce with a twist

Basically, Fotozino allows me to find the things I want from the sellers who are closest to me. These are usually individual sellers who simply snap a photo of what they have for sale and geo-tag it. Depending on where I am at that moment, I get the returns with the sellers in my area. You can imagine that it is all super comfortable and that the process helps me save important time.

I came across a lot of hidden treasures in this way, treasures it would have taken me weeks and weeks to find in flea markets. The best thing about the app is that you can easily contact the seller and negotiate the price of the object and settle the way in which the transaction will happen.

Fees and commissions

More so, there are no commissions and fees involved, be it that you are a seller or a buyer. This is the reason why I also started to sell things online with the help of this app. It is really easy and I managed to find people who share my passion for certain types of objects too. In more than one way, Fotozino helped me realize that there is a bargain community out there into which I tend to fit quite well. I managed to make some pretty amounts of money with this app, and I can only imagine that I will continue to use it.

Where to get the app

It’s free and you can download the app from App Store/Google Play.

AppStore Link:
Android link:

You will find here more details and info on how the developer came up with the idea and how the app can help you live a better, save some money and be more community orientated in the same time. It may seem impossible for an app to do so, but this app really is a game changer

I can honestly say that this app has completely changed the way in which I shop around, that it was instrumental in helping me save precious time and that I now see shopping and looking for things in a totally different way that I used to.

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