photoshopThe touch screen technology may no longer seem innovative, since it first hit the market more than a decade ago. These days, there are more mobile phones coming out with touch screen technologies than gadgets with classic buttons and keyboards. However, this innovation seems to work for modern tablets and phones only. When it comes to laptops or desktops, these units might look outdated. Ractiv has managed to change this misconception with a modernist 3D tracking technology – Touch+. Touch+ is based on a sensor bar that tracks the actual motion. The way it works might look strange, but the technology creates an invisible multitouch layer right above your keyboard.

What makes Touch+ unique

The sensor bar focuses on gesture control. It keeps an eye on your fingers as they lay down on the keyboard. It is small and entirely made of aluminum. It has two cameras, as well as a LED array. It goes on top of the screen, just like your webcam. You might find it surprising, but Touch+ is not the first 3D tracking gadget of this kind. However, the reason wherefore you have never heard about others is because they have never really worked at full capacity. It makes no difference how quickly or often you move. Besides, other similar technologies forced you to keep your hands moving and waving in the air. When spending a whole day in the office, your arms will feel exhausted within half an hour only. With Touch+, old fashioned gadgets become history. This technology allows you to keep arms where they would normally stay.

How Touch+ works

The multitouch sensors can cover a full 100 degree view. They can reach to half a meter in distance, which is more than enough. Longer distances can cause slight problems though. The interesting part is that the gesture control technology is able to differentiate typing movements from touchpad movements. You do not have to make any pauses in order to give the sensors some time to understand what you are trying to do.

Such gadgets are very handy in gaming as well. Whether you play simple Facebook games or sophisticated RPGs, the technology is still very successful. You can still use your mouse, yet the key shortcuts are more practical. Photo applications, videos or web browsing can be seriously enhanced with these solutions too. In other words, you have the exquisite flexibility of a smartphone or tablet on your bulky computer.

The gesture control technology recognizes about 8 points. Both hands are “monitored” separately. It does take a while to get used to it though, mostly because you simply do not expect this feature in a classic laptop or monitor. At the same time, the construction quality and the carefully developed technologies help Touch+ take this industry one step ahead. The innovative multitouch features are now available on monitors at a fraction of the cost for a tablet. Only time can tell how the community will embrace this gadget, yet its first tests are clearly impressive.

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