FIRST_Robotics_Competition_(logo)Segway PT is one of the most appreciated self balancing human transporters on the market today. It has an exquisite control system and a high quality gyroscopic stabilization, which is controlled by a computer. Everyone likes this gadget, yet no one knows that it represents Dean L. Kamen most significant invention. The successful inventor and entrepreneur is currently the founder of FIRST, as well as the president of DEKA Research & Development Corporation. Different people know him for different things, but most importantly, he has built his career on this passion for technology.

Dean Kamen is the name behind FIRST Robotics Competition. The respective competition is specifically organized to help young entrepreneurs and innovative engineers in their struggle to become known and expose their work to the entire world. Unsurprisingly, students attending FIRST end up working for some of the most reputable giants in the technology industry. Some others are personally approached by future oriented corporations and organizations too, including NASA. It looks like an academy for the best of the best. From some points of view, this is exactly what it aims to be. But on a different note, no one can deny the fact that the world is going through an age of technology. Dean Kamen has sensed this movement decades ago. Today, he is one of the pioneers of this technological evolution.

On the same principle, it seems that Dean Kamen aims to transpose his vision on the future through Galactic Public Archives too. The series gather together influential experts of these times, who try to explore futuristic visions and changes. So far, the archives have collected an exquisite amount of ideas, visions and viewpoints regarding futuristic solutions, whether they affect politics, technology and even wellbeing. At a first glance, FIRST tries to complete a comprehensive puzzle. It is hard to tell how far this evolution will go, but one thing is for sure – things are moving. Only time can tell how many of these visions are actually correct.

The idea behind FIRST is simple and once again, it has something to do with Dean Kamen’s vision. The inventor has noticed less and less young educated people using their minds towards science, math and other similar fields. Unsurprisingly, many of them choose different paths in life, where only the luckiest manage to survive. Some youngsters aim to become celebrities or public figures, while others focus on sports. None of these industries is about evolution though. Instead, they are all about stagnation. The results are obvious. Pick up a random gossip newspaper and read the titles. How many of those names are you familiar with? What are their most notable achievements? How do you see this industry a decade later?

In turn, Dean Kamen has the answers to make the youth enticed by changing their future and lives through science and technologies. From this point of view, FIRST Robotics provides a chance that teens may not find elsewhere – the opportunity to turn a regular machine into an actual being by giving it life.

By Techwacky

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