wordpress-logo-cloud1Finding a trustworthy WordPress cloud service is probably the toughest challenge in a newcomer’s venture. A brief search over the Internet will provide plenty of solutions. Each of them promises the world, yet the lack of experience might throw you into the arms of a dishonest and unreliable hosting provider. Luckily, a little research will provide all the answers you need.

Support level

If you think that support is always available for free, you are wrong. In fact, this is not such a common rule in the cloud industry. Unlike shared hosting plans, cloud pricing might depend on the support as well. You can find both managed and unmanaged servers. The managed ones employ an engineer to take care of all the upgrades and updates required by the server. An unmanaged one gives you more freedom, yet you obviously require a little experience if you truly want to maintain the server by the book.

Troubleshooting situations

Troubleshooting may arise out of nowhere, especially if you do not choose a managed WordPress cloud hosting package. Therefore, even if you decide to take care of this server on your own, it does not mean that you should not receive any technical support when needed. Try to find out how deep technical support goes. In an ideal case, the engineers should offer root level help.

Scalability demands

Scalability is the factor that actually defines cloud computing. It is the strongest and most definitive aspect. You need your website to be able to grow. Therefore, make sure that you are allowed to “grab” as much as you need and pay for exactly what you use before even signing up with a cloud provider. This issue is a lot easier to manage if you check out the server sizing.

Computer power

WordPress is known for not requiring too many computer resources. But then, why would you choose cloud hosting? The truth is that just because you opt for WordPress cloud hosting, it means that you are not willing you ignore a potential expansion of your website. Later on, you might add further applications to enhance the website. Think about your future plans, as well as necessities, then ensure that your cloud provider can cope with your demands overtime.

Storage infrastructure

Last, but not least, the storage infrastructure might seem a little too complicated for a newcomer. However, when you end up paying the cloud pricing for a Linux cloud package, you obviously have some good plans in mind. A little education has never killed anyone, so find out what kind of technologies your provider is using. RAID 10 is one of the names you should look for, but other similar types of technology are accepted too.

In conclusion, hosting your WordPress blog in the cloud is definitely a good idea. But while most other servers can support this platform, going in the cloud will give you plenty of expansion possibilities. Therefore, take these factors into consideration before signing up. You may not find them relevant today, but they will pay off later on.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com