torrapkIn a world where private data and information has become so popular with manipulatory purposes, more and more individuals try to keep their details private. When it comes to smartphones or tablets, their options are quite limited. Most of them need to choose between iOS and Android. Sadly enough, none of them is solid enough to ensure a decent use. After all, you have probably read a lot of reports regarding the way Apple stores personal information. You never know when the respective information might be used against you. This is the main reason wherefore a lot of people opt for other gadgets, yet they rely on Android. Android has been made by Google. Google has actually admitted that it stores information. Its representative claims that they store private data in order to customize ads, but can you really trust them? This is when you realize the necessity of an alternative Android market.

Today, you can forget about using fake names and restricting applications, only to keep your personal data for you. TorrApk has been recently introduced to help users overcome those dangers. The portal was established a few years ago. Its primary purpose is to help users install applications without going through Google Play. Google Play is not compatible with all smartphones out there. Even if you try to install applications over the official website, you will be asked to install the Google Play portal first. However, aside from people who want to overcome this incompatibility, TorrApk is widely appreciated by those who want to keep their details private too.

torrapkTorrApk developers have created this portal with full respect toward application developers. Therefore, this is not the place to download illegal applications. Instead, you only download APK files and gain access to a free Android apps store. Over the past few years, the portal has gained a lot of popularity all across the world. You can also develop your own applications and make them available for free.

Users gain access to a series of benefits. Most importantly, all the applications are severely checked, so nothing illegal or problematic goes through. Developers’ identities are double verified as well. Even the new applications are scanned for malicious scripts or viruses. Other than that, developers who choose to use TorrApk in order to spread their applications will need to respect a lot of terms and conditions. If you find an application to be too risky, you can just as well report it. You do not need any actual proof, but only a suspicion. The TorrApk team is available round the clock by email as well.

Numerous developers have also found TorrApk to be an excellent place to boost their popularity. The high level of encryption, strong encryption algorithms for password protection and rough security make the platform impossible to break through. Personal requests are also considered in a professional manner and implemented if they do not alter other users’ experience. Plus, as a developer, you can publish your Android apps for free.

As a short final conclusion, TorrApk is seriously “threatening” to take over the world and make Google Play history. There are just way too many reasons to actually take advantage of this platform, hence its skyrocketing popularity.

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