IS_logo_250x250InspiredStream is a new online hub that allows creativity to get quick publicity with the help of an interactive platform, the social network. It allows users to share talent, creativity, and anything innovative that can captivate the minds of online visitors. Well, the new social world of creative sharing is now out!

Toronto, Canada, July 23, 2014

Toronto: A new gushing stream for the artists of the world is now live on the World Wide Web, which allows sharing as well as tweaking anything creative and interesting. Its mission is to attract and expand the talent of the aspirants of all artistic genres whose talent is confined to local exposure. InspiredStream is all about creating and sharing any kind of interesting content using recording tools, smartphones, digital pictures, and video cameras.

The site is designed to exploit the advanced technology for multimedia including video, sound, and static images, which can exponentially boost the potential for novel forte to be experienced by fanatics across the globe. It aspires to open up several venues to the promising artists who can now expand their horizon of highlighting their creative aptitude and kindle international fame as well as conversations about the present trends.

The site is the brainchild of Carlo Rinomato, Jr. and his Web developer Michael Wandzilak who have spent months in visualizing, developing, testing, and tweaking this digital platform. Both of them deeply contemplated over the site’ outline, which made them to re-analyze their concept from objective to subjective perspective.

According to Mr. Carlo, “Earlier, our visualization was only limited to an exclusive site for musical artists so that the youngsters do not have to wait long for getting discovered. However, while pondering deeply about the site’s outline, we realized that the term ‘artist’ is a subjective term because the art can even include images and videos. Therefore, we expanded our own concept to ‘One World, One Wall’ to retain the meaning of a global community of original creations.”

Mr. Carlo added that they even considered ordinary people taking photos of a beachside sunset, parents capturing the smiling face of their babies, and kids just learning to draw from the depth of their own minds or sing from a kind heart. In short, they understood that an artist could be of any age to face the camera, mike, or painting brush. This exactly encouraged them to go for a comprehensive hub that can allow hosting as well as enhancing diverse multimedia presentations on their own walls.

On the site, some enticing functionalities exist, which allows enhancing the uploaded creativity. This collection includes real time color rectification, slow motion, and audio and video filters. Apart from that, the members can make albums with video comments as well as custom playlists, groups, and channels.

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