posFor many technology enthusiasts the term ‘PDQ machine’ might not bring to mind thoughts of significant breakthroughs in the world of inventions but this is because the device is not a fashion accessory like other popular items of the day such as iPhones and tablets.

The humble PDQ terminal plays an entirely different kind of role when making our day to day lives more enjoyable and it is often taken for granted because it is only used for a brief amount of time on each occasion. Most people are familiar with this streamlined credit card machine because it is used every time you pay for an item by credit card or debit card, however, you might not consider the technical processes which actually take place when you use it.


As you can see from the photographs PDQ machines come in a variety of different styles, they may either be attached to a checkout counter or a handheld mobile device carried by the merchant on route.

Consumers cannot be blamed for being ignorant towards the sophisticated process involved in Merchant Processing because even some businesses and shop owners themselves are unaware of this when first starting out.

All businesses required a merchant account to start accepting card payments via a PDQ machine and third party merchant services providers are the best option for achieving this because they are more cost effective than approaching an acquiring bank. Seymour Direct are an example of an independent UK merchant services provider who have been assisting small and large businesses to process cards over the last two decades.

After the merchant services provider has helped the business get approval for the merchant account they also supply the PDQ terminal to the company by monthly rental because there is support should an error occur on the machine.

PDQ card machines come in 3 main varieties and this includes the countertop which is plugged into a power socket and telephone landline, the Bluetooth model that operates as a portable machine in a set circumference and then there is the fully mobile GPRS version for accepting payment on the move.

PDQ devices have become increasingly more sophisticated over the last decade including an electronic chip on each credit or debit card which is then read by the card reader to ensure the genuine owner is using it. Another feature added to these devices is the ability to ‘wave and pay’ using Near Field Communication technology either by card or smartphone(see http://www.seymourdirect.com/pdq-machine-hire for the full range of terminals)

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