it-skillsBy now, you’ve probably heard of the skills gap. If not, it refers to the notion that there are lots of jobs available in the economy. But unfortunately, the unemployed population lacks the skills to be accepted for them. This mismatch of skills is what creates the skills gap.

And while the skills gap is a sad reality. The silver lining is that if you can cross the skills gap, a world of opportunity awaits you. Make sense?

Now even though the skills gap has been around for awhile, it has become especially pronounced in the world of information technology. In the IT industry, the skills gap is actually widening every day. It’s an incredibly interesting story. And one that you won’t want to miss.

So in this quick blog post we’ll review not only the unique circumstances that created this pronounced IT skills gap; but, we’ll also look at what you can do to bridge the skills gap and make technology work for you. Sound good?

What Caused the IT Skills Gap?

Before you can cross the IT skills gap, and really make technology work in your favor, it helps to understand where the skills gap comes from in the first place. So what’s the root of the problem?

According to this research on the IT skills gap, 70% of American schoolchildren lack proficiency in math and science. These are the foundational skills that lead to well paying technology jobs. But instead of setting up our youth for success, our schools are starting a domino effect with disastrous consequences.

So while the number of American with technology related degrees has declined by about 10% over the last 10 years, the availability of technology jobs has increased a corresponding 10%. This divergence in trends has exacerbated the technology skills gap and created a void of high paying technology jobs that seemingly nobody is qualified for.

Now it should be getting clear, not only is the technology skills gap a real problem, but there’s also plenty of opportunity if you can overcome it, right? And that leads me to my next point.

How You Can Bridge the Technology Skills Gap:

The good news is, bridging the technology skills gap doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s not always easy. But the path forward is simple. So where should you get started?

First, it pays to embrace math and science. If you force yourself to develop these skills you will inevitably be well-positioned to get a technology degree which will help position you for a well-paying job down the road. Believe me, I know math is hard. But being unemployed because you lack relevant skills isn’t an easy ride either.

And interestingly enough, the second step to bridging the IT skills gap is basically just a continuation of the first. Let me explain.

The truth is, in the world of technology, things are always changing, improving and evolving. And if you want to stay relevant you’ll need to keep educating yourself. Luckily, with the internet it’s easier than ever to stay on top of technology. So maybe the key to crossing the technology skills gap is technology again.

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