youtubetemplateQA Automation Testing is quickly becoming the most popular job in the IT industry. Besides the fact that you can get in with little to no experience, the entry level testers are getting paid over $60000 per year to start. QTP or Quick Test Professional is a tool used to take manual type testing, and convert it to automated programmable test scripts. QTP uses VBscript and is very simple to learn especially with some formal knowledge of programming. There are a lot of different tools used for QA automation, but QTP is highly regarded as the top tool for automated testing. There’s a new version of QTP called UFT or Unified Functional Testing. This new upgrade brings a whole new testing experience with an updated user interface and feature enhancements that make other automation tools obsolete.

How are individuals actually getting in this industry? By finding websites and small companies that offer easy tutorials online. You don’t have to spend time signing up for an online university, or paying monthly for online schooling. You can start today by googling or youtubing “QTP tutorials” and watching them right from your home. Individuals as young as 18 are teaching themselves online and getting senior level positions in this industry. Once you’re placed in a job, moving to a higher position can take as little as a few months. And all your experience you need will actually be learned and taught on the job itself. Currently, there is an up and coming website that is leading the industry in teaching automated testing. The name of the company is and it is known for it’s free high quality tutorials. offers basic to advanced QTP tutorials along with free ebooks and resource guides to help you get started.

Go to and check out the site. There are no adds or promotions and they focus strictly on the user experience. They also have a youtube channel if you want to directly get in and get started.

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