20131111_094244Electronic camera stabilization technology is important when trying to take clear quality pictures or video of your family, friends or anything else for that matter. Often times novice photographers do not use any stabilizers, which creates a blur effect in the quality of the picture. That is why if you take a lot of pictures, whether you are a novice or professional, then you should invest in an electronic camera stabilizer with an Alexmos Brushless Gimbal Controller. AerialPixels.com provides all sorts of gadgets and devices to help you with your stabilization needs, such as this Alexmos Brushless Gimbal Controller.This 3-axis controller is made for DSLR cameras and contains a universal mount to accommodate any DSLR size. This means you can fit cameras, like the Sony NEX 5N/7N, Canon 5D Mark III, Sony FS100, Panasonic GH2, Panasonic GH3, and many more onto it.

There are smaller size brushless gimbals specially made for the GoPro line of cameras and mainly for GoPro 3 Black. The Gimbal Controller is light weight and performs very well when in use. It uses a basic IMU algorithm, which helps it define the angles for the camera’s inclination. The way it works is the controller will receive data from accelerometers and gyroscopes that are mounted onto the camera. Then from the remote control that is included, you can tilt the angle to whatever inclination that you want. This controller was invented by a man named Alex Moskalenko.

The PID controller will be useful for calculating the compensation amount and will then send a command to the main power unit. This is the unit that controls the current associated with the windings and also the direction of the magnetic field’s vector in the stator. The magnetic field is what moves the rotor towards the right position. Fortunately, you won’t need any expensive or complicated encoders that are high definition for each axis. You can simply mount small IMU boards onto the platform of the camera and then connect the wires to the controller and the motors. After that, you are all done! The IMU boards come fully assembled and have the latest firmware that was designed by Alex Moskalenko. You can also upgrade the firmware when it becomes available on the internet.

Aerialpixels.com offers some of the most affordable prices on the internet when it comes to purchasing your Gimbal Controller. The Alexmos 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller comes fully assembled in its box and is priced at only $389. As for the shipping costs, you will receive free shipping if you spend only $25 or more. This is a huge bargain from this Los Angeles based company.

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