technologyThe changes in technology happen in a flash and will continue to advance by the day. As savvy as people may be sometimes tradition never fails. As an ever changing high tech society it can be assured that some of us still choose to stick to basics. Looking back on the changes in technology to date shows how advanced we have become.


Long live the radio cassette player, this gadget is still sold to date which makes it certain that many homes will still own one. Radio has now advanced to DAB digital radio which offers many developments. You can access a wide range of digital only stations, crackle free sound, find radio stations by name and not number, record programmes and some digital radios even let you pause and rewind. Digital radio clearly takes listening to the radio to the next level and makes it almost impossible to miss your favourite shows. Radio stations are also available to download as apps onto your smart phone which makes easy listening on the go. Although if that all sounds too high tech you may be happy with just sticking to the basic radio player, the choice is yours.

Life after the record player

From the phonograph, the gramophone to the record player, the forms in which we listen to music have since advanced dramatically. Given that it is not unheard of that the record player is still used today and is sold on sites such as John Lewis. After the record player came the CD but now even the CD is dying out into a new advance in music playing. It is more commonly known to download music from databases such as I tunes and Spotify making tracks accessible from the click of a button. Smartphones are one of the main device sources for listening to music on the go as its many functionalities make it easy for the listener to either stream radio stations, downloaded tracks, music databases, the list goes on.

From the ink jet to the laser

Printing has advanced since the ink jet to the laser although masses of people will still use ink jet. The choice depends on your printing needs and budget. Although laser cartridges cost more they also produce more pages which averages out to less cost per sheet. Another advance on laser cartridges is that it holds powdered ink rather than liquid inks that ink jet use. Although ink jet seem to provide higher quality photo images they are likely to take longer to dry than laser which makes them more prone to smudge.

Choosing the right type of printing depends on your needs, some may find that ink jet printing suites them well and won’t look to, or need to upgrade. However technology is continually advancing which makes demand for laser ink cartridges as they offer advantages over the ink jet and will continue to improve to fit with the times.

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