PowerPebbleSalesSheet1aMyPowerPebble Travel Charger Brings “On-The-Go” Style And Design To IndieGoGo Platform.

The fully customizable circular charger has already been molded, created and tested. The product is in production and the Company is ordering first shipments to arrive in the United States. The IndieGoGo Campaign is necessary to raise funds in order to take the handy device to the next level with distinctive packaging for big chain retail stores.

MyPowerPebble is both smart and cute. The round pebble shaped charger, is available in a variety of colors and skins all ready to customize for brands and individuals.

MyPowerPebble easily fits into a pocket or purse and adds three to five hours of talk time or up to twenty additional hours of music. The IndieGoGo Campaign runs for the next twenty five days and offers a variety of rewards for each level of contribution.

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