Don’t you hate receiving a call right at the worst time. You’re within the middle of business meeting or you’re at a loud concert and your phone starts ringing. We’ve all been there and that we hate to merely ignore the person on the opposite line.

The mobile internet is relying a lot more on visuals to speak.  We have a tendency to send pictures to every different on a daily basis to share what we’re doing or to inform folks regarding one thing nice. Those pictures say a lot more than a straightforward text message. Instagram and SnapChat are dedicated to communication and excel at it, however there’s very little usefulness in those apps.

Introducing CallSnap, the best thanks to manage your calls and at the same time share what you’re doing with folks.

CallSnap is straightforward to use and it’s free within the Google Play store. After you install CallSnap it’ll add a fresh set of buttons to your incoming call screen. When someone calls you, you’ll have the option to slide the CallSnap icon. Your phone instantly activates your camera and permits you to snap a fast shot of what you’re doing at that moment. The picture is instantly sent to your caller with text overlayed on the photo that tells them you’re busy. TIP Solutions, the company behind CallSnap, is working on some new exciting options for the app.

Download CallSnap (FREE) from Google Play Store: CallSnap

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com