local-seoUsing Google’s Adsense software to analyse search traffic for various local search terms, is helping small businesses plan a decent Return On Investment for their local SEO expenditure. Being able to see just how many searches a month a particular term is receiving helps to work out whether there is a point in actually investing a set amount optimizing a page in order to attract that traffic. For many small businesses this can help them to save money on search terms that offer traffic that is low, say fewer than 50 searches per month, and put that money into hitting larger search terms harder. The ability to also see just how competitive a particular search is only helps to determine whether or not the ROI is going to be sufficient to risk the $200 or so you will need to spend to get anywhere near the top of the first page.

Local SEO

For many small businesses, trying to get to the top of the searches for national and international search terms is beyond their budgetary means. By looking at local areas to promote their businesses, they face a lot less competition and still have the chance to get in front of decent search traffic. Local SEO agencies can help them to take advantage of the “magic 7 box” for searches within 10 miles of where they are based, as well as target searches where the 7 box isn’t used where there is a local theme to the search through strong landing pages. This means that localized seo is a really big deal for many companies looking to make a mark for themselves online and gain authority with online shoppers. You can click through here to find out more about how local seo is able to help a business gain a foothold online.

Getting The Most From Your Money

Making sure that your searches are going to bring enough clients to justify what you spend to get your site high up the first page of search results is incredibly important. You can go through Google’s Adwords Planner and see just what search terms are related to areas local to your business, and see just how competitive those terms are. If you bear in mind that you will convert around 4% of traffic, and that being in the middle of page one will gain you about 10% of the total searches, this should help you to get an idea as to the ROI you will get for your spend, based on your average order value.

For any business looking to build a reputation and authority, looking to “govern” the locally related search terms is a great way to start and far less expensive than larger national or international based searches. For those that want to move onto those larger terms, Google is far more interested in a site if it has a strong local presence anyway, so whatever your overall objectives, a strong localized marketing plan is essential.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com