familyispA number of individuals view access to the Internet as a luxury. Therefore, choosing an ISP should be a fun and exciting experience, but with so many different Internet packages available, the process of choosing just one ISP might seem daunting.

Before choosing an ISP, there are five things to consider. Many families make the mistake of choosing Internet packages based only on price. If a family chooses an Internet service that doesn’t fulfill their needs, then it doesn’t matter how cheap the service is.

What You Need

When choosing an ISP, the top factor to consider is whether the service fulfills your specific needs. A family needs to consider what its needs are, and this is a huge part of choosing a service. Depending on many different factors, some families might need more speed while others need less speed and more reliability.

Customer Service

Something to consider when searching for the perfect ISP is customer service. Many businesses are defined by the customer service that they offer. Due to a lack of good customer service, many companies have faded away while others continue to flourish.

A good Internet provider offers admirable customer service. A provider should offer acceptable wait times and knowledgeable experts. If a technical issue arises, it can be very frustrating to have to wait and end up talking to someone who doesn’t even know how to help. Great ISPs provide 24/7 customer support.


As with virtually any company, an ISP’s reputation is everything. Regardless of what services or benefits an ISP can offer you, reputation is more important. If an ISP doesn’t have a good reputation with customers, everything it has to offer means nothing.

Consumer Agencies

It’s important to check major consumer reporting agencies, which provide testimonials, complaints and other important details. With the Internet and social media, it’s very easy to see what type of reputation a business has. You can also visit service provider sites to see their rates, reviews etc.. check out phone/Long distance plans for a good example.

Connection Speed

Everyone wants to have a fast connection to the Internet. A slow connection quickly kills the fun and excitement that arises when surfing the web. People who will be downloading a lot of music, videos and other media will need a fast connection. A lot of ISPs offer cheaper services, but they normally provide customers with slower Internet connections. It’s quite easy to find out if the ISP that you’re interested in provides an Internet connection that is fast enough to do what you need it to do.

When looking into connection speeds, understand that four Mbps and up is great for video streaming. However, for HD video, a connection speed of eight Mbps will work best. If you don’t plan on doing much more than surfing social media and similar websites, a connection speed of one Mbps of greater will work well.

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