Multiple Wired to BackupWhile the tech bazaar never gets tired of tablets, phablets and computers, many buyers don’t give backing up their device much importance. The virtual life is full of attacks on security, breach of privacy and criminal developers who are constantly coming up with new means to harm one’s PC.

However, that is not changing things in the digital world. Most people still avoid making an online data backup. This is, mostly, because they want to avoid the hassle that it involves and are not ready to spend the ‘extra’ bucks. Only people, who are in the habit of saving private and confidential data in their systems, would know the importance of creating an online data backup.

Making online data backup is not easy but here are several reasons why you should not give up on it. And it’ll protect you from a slew of security related issues that can happen on your PC including PC monitoring software, malware, and Trojans.

Drivers betray people all the time. Hard drives break down all the time, for a number of reasons. A surge of voltage could damage your machine and destroy your data, leading to a disaster situation.

Online data backup

As compared to other data storage options like an external hard drive or a network-attached storage unit, data can be better protected by creating its online backup. The external hard drive could fail anytime and it requires quite an effort to keep your drive safe or plugged in, for that matter. Online data plans are, comparatively, more cost-effective and offer unlimited storage. They do have some drawbacks too. Mozy, an online data backup service takes a very long time to store all the data present in your computer. Some services, while copying data from your computer, suddenly, suspend the data storage process and after some time, you need to start the process all over again. This might cause you to exceed the bandwidth of your internet service. In that case, you will have to pay extra charges or your service will be terminated or slowed down.

Although data backup services like Google Drive work perfectly, some services still have glitches. For instance, many data backup services act like a black box. It is much easier to transfer data into these services as compared to retrieving it.  CrashPlan

is one of the best online data backup services available today. It is inexpensive yet convenient. It stores even the files that are huge in size and does not threaten to slow down the process of storing data if the service holds more than a certain amount of data. It keeps holding onto files even when they are deleted from the computer. Other services, however, do not work this way. They tend to delete files after keeping them for 30 days following their deletion from the system in use.

CrashPlan does have its own share of drawbacks, though. When storing data, the service becomes extremely slow. Once subscribed to this service, you might experience slow internet on other devices.

Even though these problems are not negligible, they do seem to be a small price to pay as compared to losing all your data to a theft, a power surge or some other accident.


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