keylogger_keystrokes_log_viewerNowadays all kids have access to the internet and some do not use it ethically or visit some sites which are Inappropriate for their age. Parents do not know what the kids do when they use the internet in their room behind the close door.
Kids may do things, which are wrong and eventually follow a wrong path in life. Parental guidance is required when it comes to what the kids watch on the television or use the net for.

Key logger software is a type of monitoring software, which keeps records of all the actions performed by the computer, and then these records can be sent to a specified email address. Key logger records all computers activate like keystrokes, mails, chats, visited websites urls.

Keylogger can also take screenshot on computer desktop on each mouse click. All activates are stored in encrypted log file for later viewing or parent can set keylogger to send the logs to your email address. Parents can thus keep an eye on the actions their child performs through the net and be assured that nothing is wrong or try to put the child in the right direction by talking him or her out of it.

The key logging process acts as keystrokes recorder software i.e. it records each smallest action that the computer performs like typing any alphabet or clicking any other key. There are different levels to which one can keep an eye on the activities of the child. You can find out people your kids are chatting with or read the complete conversations they are having and if the person they are talking to is a stranger or not.

Want to see how a commercial Keylogger works?

You can go to site and download All In One Keylogger free trial version. Trial version allows you to try All In One Keylogger for 7 days without paying anything. Trial version is fully functional and allows you to set All In One Keylogger to run in total invisible mode (it will not be shown in Task Manager, uninstall list, icon tray, startup …). It will also hide its files.

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