blog-readerAs you see new blogs adding up every next moment over the blogosphere, the competition you are going to face as being a blogger is simply tough. Hence keeping your readers engaged on your blog is really a difficult nut to crack. In the modern day blogging efforts especially during the current year of 2013, the competition seems to be accelerating. Hence you need to be very much competitive when it comes to blogging. There are some smart tips, which would help you in keeping your blog the best place to engage your readers in the current times. So, let’s check some of these tips, which can help your readers engaged over your blog in 2013.

Keep your blog content fresh and alive

Many bloggers simply embark with monotonous kind of content over their blog, hence this simply make the posts boring and dull. However, in order to engage your readers in 2013, you are supposed to publish posts with quality content, which is not only useful but interesting to read. Follow a proper schedule of posting regular and fresh content over your blog, which can cater all the needs of your niche area for your readers. At the same time avoid putting bigger posts; instead try to come out with smaller and effective kind of blog posts, which can help your readers to remain for long. By doing so, you not only attract the readers but also the search engines, thus you end up making your blog more visible over the search engine results.

Add your personal touch in your blog

The other important factor, which you need to consider, is to produce post with a personal touch. All your blog posts that you create in the form of stories and experiences must have some personal touch for your readers. In fact, the personal examples could be called as one of the key features of successful blogs, which can help in engaging the readers. These help in giving your post a unique and interesting angle.

Maintain a good variety in your blog

The readers would be bored if you put the same kind of post over your blog on a regular basis. However, to keep your readers engaged you should embark with posts on some unusual topics as well on a regular interval. This will help in creating fun fact filled articles and thus keep all your readers engaged. At the same time it helps in relaxing from researching a number of serious subjects. If your readers simply love your writing style they will feel motivated for the number of things what you do. But at the same time, make sure you do not just overdo these things as it may drive some of your readers towards some of the other serious kind of blogs.

Interact with your readers

The readers, who like your blog posts do add their comments, make sure you reply each and every comment of the same. In this way, the readers will feel honored and thus would return the respect in a more encouraging and entertaining way. The other benefits you get through interacting with your readers are that you would soon seem them recommending your blog to their friends and colleagues, which will increase the traffic over your blog.

Final word

These are some of the tips, which you need to follow in your blogging efforts. Once you keep on trying the same, you would soon end up seeing hordes of people over your blog and thus would be able to engage your readers in 2013.


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