091211_cellphoneEvery mobile phone owner wants their phone to work as long as possible. Here are a few tips to get your mobile phone keep going.


1. Weak phone signals use up more power

Mobile phones use up more battery power when the cell phone signal is low. So always keep your phone in an area where the signal is strong to avoid battery drain or else your phone will be completely drained of battery. Do not keep your phone in a purse or briefcase where it catches fewer signals.

2. Mobile phones need to be restarted

 With all the excellent apps available on your phone it might be irresistible to turn your phone off. But smart phones have to be restarted every now and then to avoid the memory usage by apps running in the background and for correcting other things that might slow your phone’s performance.


3. Smart phones become slow as the time passes by

Operating system is designed for smart phone and updated with their fast processors, expandable memory, cameras. One can update the OS and apps as time passes by but as your phone gets old it becomes hard for it to handle the new apps, the upgraded OS etc.


4. Videos use up much data

Most of the phone carriers offer only 2 GB monthly data allowances. If you watch videos then it is going to gobble up the data very fast. For example if you watch one movie it will use up 700MB of your data. Apart from this online music streaming, games etc also use up he date fast. So try to use Wi-Fi connection as much as possible instead of data connections when using the internet.


5. Avoid screen protectors

Most of the smart phones these days come with touch screens that are protected by Gorilla corning glass, which makes the glass getting scratches impossible. These screen protectors do a good job reducing the glare; however it makes the display less responsive. These screen protectors also develop air bubbles however well they are installed.


6. Phone cases

Smart phones come with the cases made of carbon fiber or other tough materials and they offer good protection to the phone. However most of the smart phone users use phone cases additionally for more protection to their phone. But these hinder the access to the phone’s buttons etc.


7. Phone camera zoom

Phone camera is different from the standard cameras. Cell phones do not have optical zoom lenses but digital zoom. So when the user tries to zoom the camera when clicking a picture, the pixels are enlarged and the image details are reduced. So, it is better to move closer to the subject to click a picture rather than using a zoom. So if you can buy a add on lens which it over the smart phone’s lens hence you can click pictures without the quality being reduced.


8. Warranties and insurance

It is very costly to replace your smart phone with a new one and a recent survey showed that 15% of the people bought a new phone because the old one is broken and 2% because their phone was stolen. The warranties are costly too. All in all buying a new phone is a costly affair and if it is smart phone, the costs only rise up. So, it is advisable to keep the old phone until the contract period is over or has reached a state where it can no longer be used.


9. Prepaid carriers

Earlier only basic model phones were had access to prepaid plans, but now even smart phone are offered prepaid plans by some phone carriers. This way you will save a lot of money.


10. Negotiate the prices

Bargain with the mobile phone carriers to lower the cell phone price. You will save a lot of money.

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By Techwacky

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