Inspiron LaptopAs with most things in life, timing is everything when it comes to shopping for the best laptop deals. A common misconception is that the best deals are found during back to school sales. While you may be able to pick up a laptop with a small discount of less than 10 percent or a rebate offer, the best savings actually come before back to school sales start. During late June and early July, in the weeks immediately prior to back to school sales, manufacturers offer deep discounts on their older models in order to make room for the new releases. Most people don’t even use all of the features found on their laptop, so if you don’t need all of the latest and greatest technology this is an ideal time to buy.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

If you decide that you do want or need the most recent model, you can still find some great deals by waiting until after school is back in session. According to industry publications, you have a 33 percent better chance of seeing a price reduction of more than 10 percent simply by waiting about 50 days after a specific model is introduced to the market to purchase it. If you can wait 100 days after the release date, your chances of getting a deeper discount increase to 70 percent.

If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Lattitude Laptops_scIf you find deals online that look too good to be true they probably are. Purchase from reputable companies and look for reviews. You can often find steeply discounted door busters during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, however stock is limited so act quickly and make sure the specifications live up to what you intended as many door busters often come with smaller processors, less memory, or less hard drive space.

Just after the holiday season is another great time to purchase computers. Many retailers are trying to unload left over stock. Early January is a good time to find deep discounts on laptops. By this time, however, the selection will be scarce and if you have your heart set on a specific model it may very well be out of stock.

If the Time Is Now

If you need to purchase a computer now and can’t wait for one of the above time periods, then look around for a coupon code and shop a few different retailers. Look into certified refurbished computers. These are often returned because of a faulty part which is replaced tested and then sold again at a much lower price than a new computer. Take your time when purchasing a new computer and you are more likely to find a fantastic deal. You can view Dells best laptop deals here.


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