BESTAs we head into the whirl wind that is Black Friday, we at Best Media Box want to create a list of the Best Media Streaming Boxes being offered during this time, both in terms of quality but also the absolute best possible deals.  We looked at what boxes we reviewed that had the highest ratings, what boxes had the best user ratings, and what was the best in terms of deals this Black Friday.

Media Streaming Boxes are the giving people the ability to completely drop their cable subscriptions. Imagine not having to pay $100-300 every single month and watch 10X more awesome movies, tv shows, live Pay-per-view events, and any sporting event broadcast-ed around the world.  These boxes are cheap, they can range anywhere from $40-$200.  Essentially the costs of one of these amazing boxes is typically less then one month of cable!  Not all boxes are created equal though, so we want to make sure you get the best options that are available.  The list below is our top three best media streaming box deals on Black Friday for 2015.  Check out for more special offers and reviews.


9.0/10 *Superb*

The Pigflytech MX3 plus TV Box is a top of the line media streaming boxes that uses the XBMC/KODI software to stream any movie or TV show online with little or no lag. Most of the popular add-ons are already installed which allows you to search for most movies and TV shows right out of the box. The box comes pre installed with apps like Facebook, Netflix, Showbox, XBMC, Spotify etc. and all of them work and load at lightning speed. The only drawback is the remote which is terrible and pretty useless when it comes to entering names and I would personally recommend purchasing a Rii i8 Mini Wireless Touchpad Keyboard to go with this box. The remote makes life a lot easier when it comes to setting up information or performing searches and is a purchase I haven’t regretted at all. The remote also allows you to play games and use apps like Facebook much more effectively. I would highly recommend this box to anyone who is looking for an excellent and inexpensive media player that comes loaded with XBMC Media server- fully customized and ready to go out of the box and also provides excellent customer support.


9.2/10 *Elite*

It is quick and responsive and it has an excellent air mouse and keyboard that makes it much easier to navigate through searches and find what you are in the mood to watch! In terms of technical specifics this box has excellent RAM and DISK space that allows for fast streaming and much fewer crashes and freezes. The other great thing about the NEO X8 is that it allows for many other applications to work with the box that essentially means you could potentially install and play any app using the media box just as you would on a tablet. The box is easy to install and get running. I currently have the box hardwired into my modem, but testing it over Wi-Fi had the same impressive results. Netflix and other streaming apps like Google Music, Spotify and others work seamlessly. The box is also competitively priced based on the features and applications it provides and I would definitely recommend this box to anyone looking to purchase an android based media box. I would also recommend purchasing the Minix NEO A2 remote if you can get it as a bundle as it is definitely worth having. The NEO X8 is one the best KODI/XBMC streaming boxes out there which means that you can watch what you want when you want without paying anything more than the cost of the box. From this perspective this is probably one of the cheapest entertainment devices money can buy today!!!


9.5/10 *Market Leader*

This box is a steal of a deal! No fees no subscriptions and best of all a controller that comes with a mouse. It is truly a plug and play device and took only 2 minutes to setup and configure.This like the Zenoplige R68 comes with an octa core processor and high performance GPU. Even though it has the same processor and the same external space of 64GB as the Zenoplige R68 it is considerably cheaper. It allows you to stream everything for Free including HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, movies (even ones that are still playing at theatres), music, sports and TV shows. NO need for Netflix, HULU or any paid subscription or PPV ever again. This box makes your cable bills and every other paid monthly subscription for

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